Wash Options

Self-serve Wash Bays

Clean your vehicle exactly how you like

At Jumbo Car Wash, we understand that your vehicle is important to you. We use top of the line wash chemicals, we always use hot water and provide water pressure that gets the dirtiest vehicle clean. You can be sure your vehicle is cleaned to your specification. 

With our 12 self serve wash bays there are minimal wait times so you can pull in and start shining up your vehicle.

Our self serve bays make washing your vehicle easy and fun. Jumbo Car Wash is also fully stocked with supplies for all your self-serve detailings needs, from your dash to your tires. And if you are a little uncertain about washing your vehicle yourself, our friendly staff are always able to help. 

Automatic Wash

Touchless Automatic

The only thing left on your vehicle is a shine

Jumbo Car Wash’s touchless automatic uses the latest sensory technology to gently clean and rinse your car so nothing comes in contact with your vehile. High-pressure jets and cleaning chemicals leave your vehicle sparkling like new.  

SoftGloss Automatic

The softest car wash with SoftGloss

With our SoftGloss automatic, your vehicle will receive the same special treatment you would give it. Soft brushes in addition to pressurized water and soap wipe away dirt and debris, all while you remain comfortable inside your vehicle. The SoftGloss is ideal for removing road film on your vehicle.


RV Wash Bays

Even your big toys need to be cleaned

Have you ever looked up at your RV and wondered, how am I going to clean a vehicle this big? Whether it is for work or play we have the facilities and services to get your larger vehicles clean. 

Jumbo Car Wash has three 59’ RV wash bays to accommodate your favourite recreational vehicles. Our RV wash bays also provide more pressure to makes sure you can clean your bigger vehicles. With all the places your RV goes it deserves a clean equal to your everyday vehicle.

But our wash bays aren’t just for RVs, they are also able to accommodate larger work vehicles. 

Get full car wash access with our app

With our new Jumbo app going to the car wash has never been easier. Download our user-friendly app for quick and convenient services that you can manage, eliminate any guesswork from your next car wash and make it an enjoyable experience.

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