Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to using the Jumbo Car Wash app?

With the Jumbo Car Wash app you have access to all our services in the palm of your hand. Not only does the app simplify the car wash process but it also makes it quicker. You can select your car wash package, pay ahead of time and receive rewards all within the app. With the app you can also see your account history and gift washes to friends - all on your phone. How easy is that?

What are the benefits of using spot-free rinse?

Clean city water usually contains chemicals like calcium and fluoride. Jumbo’s spot-free rinse is purified water that removes those unwanted chemicals. 

What types of washes does Jumbo Car Wash have?

Jumbo Car Wash offers a wide range of wash options.

We have 12 Self Serve wand wash bays and 3 drive-through RV and truck bays which are 60 ft in length. Jumbo Car Wash also has 2 Automatic Washes including touchless which have a variety of wash options for you to chose from.

What is the difference between Touchless and SoftGloss?

As the name suggests, the Touchless carwash applies high-grade car wash soap to your vehicle and uses a high impact rinse cycle. So nothing touches your vehicle, which is why it is called touchless. 

Our SoftGloss washes use the same soap as our Touchless washes but instead of high impact water cleaning your vehicle, it is done with state of the art silicone foam brushes that do not hold onto dirt particles. The brushes are continuously rinsed by the equipment while it is washing so you can be sure a dirty brush isn’t cleaning your vehicle. The SoftGloss was is ideal for removing build-up from the road.

It is always good to alternate your washes between the Touchless and SoftGloss to make sure you get the benefits from both washes and your vehicle gets a real clean.

Does Jumbo Car Wash carry any car detailing products?

Absolutely! Jumbo is your one-stop car wash. We have all of your self serve car wash needs from your windshield to your tires. We carry:

  • Huge selection of vehicle air fresheners

  • Wide varitey of interior/exterior clothes and chamois

  • Tire and wheel treatments

  • Finishing waxes and protectants

  • Glass cleaners

  • Windshield washer fluid

Get full car wash access with our app

With our new Jumbo app going to the car wash has never been easier. Download our user-friendly app for quick and convenient services that you can manage, eliminate any guesswork from your next car wash and make it an enjoyable experience.

  • Browse wash options
  • Check and reload your balance
  • Drive-up tap and scan